The Perfect Location and Flavour, Together In One Place

Vicary’s Winery, where the most delicate taste and the finest aroma carry out your special occasion.

Vicary’s Winery

Vicary’s Winery offers one of Australia’s most beautiful artisanal vineyards. We are wine lovers and we know that every special occasion must have the best flavours and the most exquisite fragrances. For this reason, we offer these wines here to ensure that your experience with us is an unforgettable one.

Our facilities are exactly what you are looking for to make that moment your most unforgettable memory. That is why we also offer an event planning service to make everything you are looking for becomes a reality in one place without you having to make a big effort. Leave everything to us. We’ll make your dream come true.

Elegance sets us apart. That’s why in our artisanal vineyard you’ll find beautiful spaces delicately decorated and strictly elaborated to make your event that special occasion you’ve been waiting for. We make sure that our spaces are all fully equipped to provide guests with everything they need to remain comfortable during events.

We also offer high-quality services thanks to the team of event planning professionals that work with us to ensure good taste and elegance in everything they do. From planning wine tastings, food and wine pairing courses, weddings, corporate events, galas, and even auctions, Vicary’s Winery can help you host any kind of event.

AtVicary’s Winery, we understand the importance of the flavours that should represent your special occasion. That’s why we offer a wide variety of wines.You can choose the ones that best suit what you are looking for, from white to red, rosé wines, and even champagne varieties. Also, our wine tasting events will help you pick the one for your party event.

Provide The Best

At Vicary’s Winery, we are focused on always offering the best we can, satisfying your needs with quality and elegance.

Quality with Responsibility

We know how important your special occasion is. That’s why we only offer quality care with the most responsible event planning you can imagine.

Vocation with Commitment

Our vocation is wine. That is why our vineyards are made with the greatest care and responsibility in each product to offer you the best variety of wines.

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